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Qld: Child killer loses bid for early release

AAP General News (Australia)
Qld: Child killer loses bid for early release

BRISBANE, Aug 18 AAP - Notorious child killer Valmae Fay Beck lost a bid to be released
from jail on work release today.

A Townsville-based parole board rejected her application to be placed under community
supervision in a hearing late today.

It came 12 years after Beck, who changed her name to Fay Cramb in 1996, was jailed
for life for her part in the shocking murder of Noosa schoolgirl Sian Kingi.

Beck's husband, Barrie Watts, also was jailed for life over the abduction, rape and
murder of the 12-year-old in 1987.

"The board is not confident that Ms Cramb would not pose an unacceptable risk to the
community," North Queensland Regional Community Correction Board President Marjorie Pagani
said today.

"The recommendation of the Townsville board is that she is not considered suitable
for community-based release at the moment."

Beck had applied for parole, home detention or work release.

Under Queensland legislation, the state parole board also will consider her application,
which is an automatic process because she is serving more than five years.

The 55-year-old mother of six was jailed in 1988 after helping her husband lure the
schoolgirl into the couple's car and drive her to forest at Tewantin on Queensland's Sunshine
Coast, where she was raped and stabbed 12 times.

Her husband was jailed in 1990.

She had applied for a transfer from the Townsville Correctional Centre at Stuart in
Townsville to a low security prison to enable her to work outside the correctional centre.

The next step would be home detention and freedom.

The application was met with widespread community and political outrage.

Queensland Victims' of Crime Association president Jim Parke said she should serve
no less than 20 years' jail.

"It is far too early to consider any thing like this," he told ABC Radio.

Meanwhile, Queensland Liberal Leader David Watson said Beck's file should be stamped
"never to be released".

"Life should mean life," Dr Watson said.

Queensland Premier Peter Beattie criticised Dr Watson for politicising the case, stressing
he was personally appalled by the murder.

"This crime was one of those that I found personally appalling as a father, I find
it incredibly distressing as I'm sure all Queenslanders did," he said.

"But this process hasn't been finished, it is wrong to politicise this process that
causes anguish and concern for the family.

"The family in these things, because they've gone through enough pain, are entitled
to have politicians behave rationally.

"This sort of cheap shot stuff is really pathetic in the extreme."

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